Happy Thanksgiving!

Today is Thanksgiving and I am unbelievably grateful. I have a wonderful (understatement) husband, a healthy, smart, happy 17 month old, a beautiful home, a great job, a thriving business on the side, a supportive and loving extended family, and a healthy little baby boy in the oven. Lord knows our family has seen its … More Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m Pregnant!!!

Our 2nd IVF cycle was a success! My 1st beta was 10 days post transfer, my 2nd was today (14 days post transfer) and my numbers are doubling just as they should be. My God, what an amazing miracle. I have 2 little boys baking in my tummy! So, as usual, there’s something troubling me … More I’m Pregnant!!!

Buns in the Oven

I am writing this from my sofa, 90 minutes post-FET! We decided to transfer our 2 boys and I really feel amazing about that decision. My transfer was postponed twice because my lining wouldn’t thicken. Finally, my estradiol (Estrace – the little blue pill) was increased to 5 x per day – 3 oral and … More Buns in the Oven


I told you this cycle feels incredibly fast. It still does. I went in for an ultrasound yesterday and my “beautiful” lining measured 7.5. I’ve increased Estrace to 3x per day, and will start progesterone in oil on Friday. (As in, 2 days from today.) my FET is scheduled for next Thursday, April 27. My … More Decisions

Boy, oh Boy!

So, 9 blasts made it to testing. 2 came back normal. Both are…. BOYS!!!!! How crazy/awesome is that?!?!  I started Estrace and baby aspirin this morning.things are moving so much faster this time; it’s almost too fast. Lol Next decision: How many embryos to transfer?? My gut says 2, in order to increase chances but … More Boy, oh Boy!